Beta Launch

[Image: launch.png]

Official launch

After weeks of delay, I am proud to announce that the cheating platform is now online and fully operational. Despite the months of effort that have already been put into this complex system, there is still a lot of work ahead to ensure that the software lives up to my own quality standards and to the expectations of my future clients. The GlowHack edition of our Counter-Strike Global Offensive cheat is now for sale at a discounted in an effort price to attract customers. Hopefully, our vision can reach cheaters worldwide and FinalCheats will impress them with a cheating experience they've never thought possible.

The future

 The next weeks will be almost fully dedicated to improving the cheat and the launcher. There's a lot of features that need to added in order to make the launcher and the cheats reach satisfying levels of convenience and polish. I am planning to implement cloud configs and news posts within the launcher. Of course, bug fixes and client support have priority over everything else. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Happy cheating!


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